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    Thomson & Thomson is pleased to offer SAEGISTM, the only online trademark research service designed to harness the power, flexibility and intuitiveness of the World Wide Web. SAEGIS is actually a suite of services that provides you greater control over your intellectual property research.

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Below are just some of the features this revolutionary service provides to SAEGIS subscribers:

TRADEMARKSCAN� databasesTRADEMARKSCAN� DATABASES: Provides you with immediate and current access to an unparalleled collection of trademark records. Our 26 databases give you access to trademark information from around the world. Enhanced data and flexible search options allow you to easily retrieve the trademark information you need. SAEGIS offers two options for searching TRADEMARKSCAN databases:

AutoQuery: Enter your proposed trademark, and let AutoQuery's sophisticated search engine ask the right questions to uncover a wealth of trademark information.
Custom Search: Allows you the flexibility to develop your own search strategy to meet your specific research objective.

ISS OnlineExclusively from Thomson & Thomson and renowned for its coverage, ISS Online is designed as a first step in the international research process, ISS Online allows you to screen your mark against more than 21 million trademark records covering over 200 countries and registers. Sort and save results, or "click through" to view full text records of cited marks from any of our 25 TRADEMARKSCAN databases.

Electronic WatchAllows you to protect your valuable marks by building a portfolio of trademarks and selecting the U.S. and international TRADEMARKSCAN� databases to monitor. Receive an e-mail report of potentially infringing marks weekly. View full-text records at no additional charge.

Domain Name SearchUncover identical and confusingly similar names that may conflict with your trademark, or easily locate specific businesses on the Web, by searching all ICANN-accredited registrars. Unmatched search flexibility, such as Prefix/Midword/Suffix searching capability, Exact Domain Name, Phonetic Domain Name, and a full range of wildcard functionality - makes our Worldwide Domain Name search the most effective domain name search available online.

InboxSubscribers have immediate delivery and electronic access to their search reports.

Pharma In-Use SearchComplement your TRADEMARKSCAN search with an in-depth Pharma In-Use Search. Designed to aid IP and branding professionals in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and health care industries - this database provides pharmaceutical names that are either current or historically in use in 60 countries, regardless of whether the names have been registered as trademarks.

TRADEMARK ALERTThe TRADEMARK ALERT� database is an electronic version of Thomson & Thomson's weekly print publication which lists newly filed United States federal trademark applications, alphabetically by class.

Virtual GazetteThe Virtual Gazette allows subscribers to search a database comprised of the data provided by the USPTO on the Trademark Weekly Text File (TWTF) update tape, The Virtual Gazette replicates the status transactions and other record changes printed weekly in the Official Gazette of the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Sections include applications published for opposition and registrations issued, renewed, canceled, republished, amended, or issued a new certificate. Complete records and images are available for viewing and printing.