Learning & Development at Thomson-Thomson.com

As the world leader in trademark and copyright services, Thomson & Thomson understands that growth, learning, innovation and change are essential, both for the organization as a whole and for every individual who contributes to our success.

That's why Thomson & Thomson has made a commitment to providing our employees with a variety of opportunities for ongoing personal and professional development.

Thomson University - With an on-site learning facility at our North Quincy headquarters and programs available to all Thomson & Thomson employees, Thomson University provides our employees with career guidance, management and consulting services, classroom training and self-paced learning programs designed to facilitate professional development. Our employees are encouraged to take advantage of any of hundreds of courses, ranging from finance to technology to interpersonal skills. Each course is offered to provide employees with a valuable resource for their individual learning and growth.

Leadership Development Program - Thomson University also coordinates Thomson & Thomson's Leadership Development Program, an important program which helps the company identify tomorrow's leaders and accelerate their professional development through focused coaching, mentoring and development programs.

Tuition Reimbursement - The Thomson & Thomson tuition reimbursement program is designed to help employees further their own professional development, by providing financial assistance to employees who wish to pursue education at the undergraduate or graduate level, at an accredited educational institution.

Thomson Career Center - Our position within The Thomson Corporation allows our employees to take advantage of the extended resources of a large, dynamic and multinational organization, while enjoying the benefits of our unique culture. At thomsoncareers.com, employees are able to connect directly to a nationwide and international network of Thomson businesses—and to virtually limitless opportunities for professional growth and advancement.