Company Profile

Thomson & Thomson: The World Leader in Trademark and Copyright Services.

Chances are, you can see an example of our work where you are right now. Whether it's the trademarked brand name or logo of the computer equipment on your desk, or the label on your soft drink, or the music on your favorite CD, or even the movie you watched last night, chances are we've had a hand in researching some of the names and logos around you.

Many times, a company's most valuable assets are in its intellectual property assets — its name, its brands, and its ideas. At Thomson & Thomson, we provide the expert research and tools that intellectual property professionals need to protect the value of these assets. It's a job we've been doing longer than anyone else on Earth.

Attorneys, paralegals, marketing professionals, entrepreneurs, and information professionals all turn to Thomson & Thomson for trademark research that is renowned for its quality, comprehensiveness, and its ability to stand up in court. Our extensive range of intellectual property solutions allows us to meet the unique needs of all of our clients. We draw from the world's largest collections of U.S. Federal, state, international, common law and domain name data, and give our clients the expertise of our highly-trained, expert research analysts, who know how to transform millions of records into meaningful intelligence.

Coverage - Thomson & Thomson maintains the world's largest database of trademark data — millions of records from the U.S. and over 200 other countries, all of which are continuously updated and verified for accuracy. Our data are customized specifically for trademark searching by our experienced data managers — and our data controls allow us to correct errors in the source data, meaning that our records are frequently more accurate than those at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. In addition, we have the industry's most extensive coverage of common law sources, the "unregistered trademarks" which add crucial depth to a trademark search.

Product Choices - Our comprehensive line of products and services provides the tools needed to effectively manage every stage of a trademark's or copyright's life cycle, from the earliest stages of product development to the protection of a well-established image or brand.

Global Influence - Today's global marketplace demands broader coverage of trademark and copyright research than ever before. Thomson & Thomson works closely with its sister companies, Compu-Mark (Europe) and Brandy International (Japan), to provide unmatched international resources and research.

Vision - We're committed to always seeking the next generation of trademark and copyright research, to provide products and services to meet the constantly evolving needs of our clients. By offering the most comprehensive, well-respected trademark research products in the industry, comprehensive copyright and title services, as well as cutting-edge electronic products and services to help safeguard the value of intellectual assets, we aim to continually reinvent what it means to be the world leader — today and tomorrow.