What We Do

What's in a name? Or an idea? Or a visual?

Often, this is where you will find a company's most valuable asset - its identity. At Thomson & Thomson (T&T) protecting this critical asset is a job we do extremely well. It's also a job we have been doing longer than anyone else on earth. Take a look around you. You'll find examples of names and images we have researched just about everywhere - on your soda can, on the package that your computer arrived in, even in the name of your favorite band or CD.

Attorneys, paralegals, entrepreneurs, marketing personnel and information professionals. They all turn to T&T for trademark research that is renowned for its quality, comprehensiveness and its ability to stand up in court.

We will go to the ends of the earth, literally, to search your trademark's availability against the most complete proprietary collection of trademark data available. But service at T&T reaches far beyond databases and records. Over 75 years in business has helped us build a staff of highly experienced researchers that know how to transform millions of records into meaningful intelligence that meets your needs.

T&T's extensive product line comprises a complete range of solutions designed to address the entire lifecycle of your trademark - including customized solutions that meet the unique needs of all of our clients.

T&T also provides a complete offering of equally impressive copyright and title services. Whether you are an amateur writer, the producer of a famous television show or a legal professional, T&T will provide the information you need to manage and protect your intellectual property assets - and your reputation.

The Marks of a World Leader

Strong Corporate Philosophy
We are proud of our distinction as industry leader. Yet, we know that with that honor comes a responsibility to perform better than anyone else. So, we tell you to "Expect More." And, we deliver. We strive to provide you with the most thorough searches, fastest turnaround times, most extensive databases, and truly global capabilities.

We take the initiative - with a continuous flow of new products, an impeccable reputation for service, superior information resources, an ever-expanding network of international affiliates, and the type of flexibility that gets the job done no matter how large or small.

T&T's information resources consist of millions of computer file records from the U.S. and over 200 other countries- all of which are continuously updated and verified for accuracy. We offer the broadest collection of trademark information in the world, customized specifically for trademark searching by our experienced data managers. In addition, we have the most extensive common law coverage of unregistered trademarks available.

No other company has invested as much time, money and manpower in assuring the integrity of trademark and copyright data. And no one else offers the type of specialized, highly focused searches and services that we do.

Product Choices
Whether you are at the early stages of product development or protecting a well-established image, T&T protects your trademark and copyright with the broadest selection of products and services available anywhere.

Global Influence
Today's global marketplace demands broader coverage of trademark and copyright research than ever before. With member companies like Compu-Mark in Belgium and Brandy International in Japan, T&T has the resources to fulfill the needs of all of our clients - from those selling in their home town to those selling around the world.

While resources, expertise and global coverage support our leadership role, we realize it takes even more. It requires a vision - an insight into the future of intellectual property. This vision must then be coupled with a desire to lead the industry as a service company, as a technology company, and as a research company. So, at the same time we ask you to "Expect More" of Thomson & Thomson, we continue to expect more of ourselves.

  • The most comprehensive, well-respected and widely-known trademark research reports in the industry
  • Cutting-edge electronic products and services, including the SAEGIS platform
  • Worldwide Watching services that protect your trademark from infringements
  • The most complete copyright and title services offered anywhere