European Court Gives Partial Win On Budweiser Trademark
November 18,./font>

9th Circuit Court of Appeals
November 4,./font>

Judge Says AdWare Is Legal
By Brian Morrissey
September 8,./font>

Rosa Parks v. LaFace Records
File Name: 03a0137<br>
United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit
May 12,./font>

Hip-Hop Band Sues Fox Over New Sitcom's Name
Rachel Tobin Ramos
Fulton County Daily Report
November 6,./font>

Rice v. Fox Broad
9th Cir. Court of Appeals
No. 0156582p
May 29,./font>

How the U.S. Madrid Protocol Implementation Will Affect You
By Seana Smith and Anita Polott
September 1,./font>

Moseley v. Victoria Secret Catalogue
No. 01-1015
United States Supreme Court
March 4,./font>

Adidas Told its Three Stripes Don't Constitute a Trademark
Andrew Osborn
July 11,./font>

Thane International, Inc. v. Trek Bicycle Corporation
Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals
September 6,./font>

Levi's Sues Esprit Over Red Stitching
July 3,./font>

Tie Tech, Inc. v. Kinedyne Corporation
No. 0035815p
July 11,./font>

Hormel Can't Stomach Seattle Tech Company that Blocks Out Spam
By Jonathan Krim
July 2,./font>

Karl Storz Endoscopy v. Surgical Tech Inc.
9th Circuit Court of Appeals
No. 0055147p
April 4,.#65533;�

Hot Fight Brewing Between Mc, Mac
By Yelena Vinogradova and Yekaterina Kudashkina Vedomosti
June 9,./font>

Cohn v. Petsmart, Inc.
9th Circuit Court of Appeals
No. 0035328p
February 12,

Man Claims 'Idol' Was His Idea, Sues Fox
May 16,./font>

Entrepreneur Media v. Smith
9th Circuit Court of Appeals
No. 0056559p
February 11,./font>

Stop or Owl Sue
By Collin Levey
May 7,./font>

Clicks Billiards, Inc. v. Sixshooters, Inc.
No. 9917294P
June 1,./font>

Trademark Court Gets Jeb's E-Mails on Bacardi
By Dan Christensen
Miami Daily Business Review
March 19,./font>

Chance v. Pac-Tel Teletrac Inc.
9th Cir.
No 98-55160
March 20,./font>

Supreme Court Curbs Trademarks' Reach
By Declan McCullagh
March 4,./font>

TrafFix Devices, Inc v. Marketing Displays,�
Certiorari to the�United�States court of appeals for the�6th Circuit
No. 99-1571
March 20,./font>

Protecting Google Brand "Tricky Business"
By Colin C. Haley
February 27,./font>

Kassbaum v. Steppenwolf Productions
No 99-55656
December 29,./font>

Yahoo! In! Tea! Branding! Row!
By Tim Richardson
February 19,./font>

A&H Sportswear, Inc. v. Victoria's Secret Stores, Inc.
Nos. 99-1734 and 99-1735
December 1,./font>

Venice Imitators Beware!
February 18,./font>

Gracie v. Gracie
No. 98-15672
July 6,./font>

E-Legal: The Windows vs. Lindows Trademark Infringement War
By Eric J. Sinrod
February 4,./font>

Westchester Media v. PRL USA Holdings, Inc
No. 99-20754
June 27,./font>

Web Activity Gives Plaintiff Chance for Jurisdictional Discovery
By Shannon P. Duffy
The Legal Intelligencer
January 28,

Secular Organizations v. SOS
No. 98-15143
May 25,./font>

U.S. High Court Rejects Trademark Fight Over Barbie
By Anne Gearan
The Associated Press
January 28,

Times Mirror Magazine v. Las Vegas Sports News
No. 99-1299
April 28,./font>

Kane's Furniture Wins Fight Against Complaint Web
January 7,./font>

Walter v. Mattel
No. 98-56801
April 26,./font>

High Court Takes a Peek at Victoria's Secret Trademark
By Tony Mauro
American Lawyer Media
November 13,./font>

Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. v. Samara Brothers, Inc.
No. 99-150
March 22,./font>

Trademark Counsel for the Global 50
IP Worldwide
November 7,./font>

Nabisco, Inc. v. PF Brands, Inc.
No. 99-7149 (L)
October 26,./font>

Nike threatens brewer over ad slogan
By Claire Cozens
October 23,./font>

Pudenz v. Littlefuse, Inc.
No. 98-8097
June 7,./font>

Bacardi and Bush
By Dan Christensen
Miami Daily Business Review
October 18,./font>

Brookfield v. West Coast
No. 98-56918
April 22,./font>

Philip Morris Sues Over Internet Cigarette Sales
September 23,./font>

Ringling Brothers v. Utah Division of Travel
No. 97-1399
March 16,./font>