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Judge Says AdWare Is Legal
A Federal judge ruled that did not violate U-Haul's copyrights or trademarks by displaying pop-up advertisements when users visited U-Haul's Web site.
By Brian Morrissey
September 8,

How the U.S. Madrid Protocol Implementation Will Affect You
Useful information from INTA
By Seana Smith and Anita Polott
September 1,./font>


Music Group Files 261 Copyright Lawsuits Against Internet Users
RIAA's aggressive campaign continues against individuals that illegally distribute copyrighted music files.
By Ted Bridis
Associated Press
September 8,

Apple Sells 10 Million Songs Via iTunes
Apple announces their online music service has sold 10 million songs, and has announced a new iPod music player with the capacity to store up to 10,000 songs.
September 8,./font>

RIAA to Downloaders: Repent and Get Amnesty
Individuals that illegally copy music over the Internet may avoid prosecution if they are willing sign an affidavit promising to stop breaking the law.
By Andy Sullivan
September 5,./font>

Lawyers for File Sharer Take on the Music Industry
A women accused of illegally sharing music over the Internet fights back by suggesting the Recording Industry's investigation may have been unconstitutional.
September 3,

Potter Pirate Sorry for Mistakes
A bootlegged translated version of the book "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" has surfaced in Venezuela loaded with translation errors and apologies from the translator.
September 3,./font>

Colleges Move to Stop File-Swapping
Colleges warn students against copyright infringement.
By Alex Veiga
Associated Press
September 2,./font>


Feds Cuff Notorious Cybersquatter in Online Porn Scheme
Federal Agents arrest John Zuccarini under a provision of the new Amber Alert legislation that makes it a crime to use a misleading Web address to attract children to pornographic sites.
No. 02-55667
By Erin McClam
Associated Press
September 3,


Domain Names and Trademarks
A collection of material maintained by the clinical students at the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard Law School.
No. 02-55667

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