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Recently Reopened .TM Draws Interest at International Trademark Show
May 15,./font>

Kremen v. Cohen
9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals
No. 0115899p
January 3,./font>

High Court Rejects Beanie Babies Trademark Dilution Claim
By Mark H. Anderson
Dow Jones Business News
April 7,./font>

Interstellar Starship v. Epix Inc.
9th Circuit Court
September 20,./font>

WIPO Ruling Could Wipe Out Domain Names
By Dinah Greek
March 27,./font>

Harrods Limited v. Sixty Internet Domain Names
No. 00-2414
August 23,./font>

Copyright Office Asked for Another DMCA Exemption
By Brenda Sandburg
The Recorder
March 4,./font>

Falwell v. Cohn
Case No. D2002-0184
June 3,./font>

9th Circuit gives to California Supremes
By Jason Hoppin
The Recorder
January 6,./font>

E & J Gallo Winery v. Spider Webs Ltd.
No. 01-20333
April 3,./font>

eBay Sues Operator Of
Associated Press
December 12,./font>

AIMS Pty Ltd v. Banyin Lee
WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center
Case No. DBIZ2001-00001
February 14,./font>

National Domain Names Challenge Global Web Body
By Andy Sullivan
October 31,./font>

IMMEDIATE Software v. emmediate
WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center
Case No. DBIZ2001-00007
February 13,./font>

Beanies Bargain Site Wins Domain Dispute
By Lisa M. Bowman
CNet News
October 7,./font>

Kevin Spacey v John Zuccarini
Claim Number: FA0103000096937
May 8,./font>

Cybersquatting Law Gets Longer Reach
by Andrew Harris
The National Law Journal
September 10,./font>

Virtual Works, Inc. v. Volkswagen of America
No. 00-1356
4th Circuit

Verisign Internet monopoly alert!
By Kieren McCarthy
July 18,./font>

Sporty's Farm v. Sportsman's Market
No. 98-7452
2nd Circuit

.INFO Doing Better Than Expected
By Jim Wagner
July 17,./font> v. Disney
No. 99-56691
9th Circuit

Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy Has Its Share of Critics
By Tamara Loomis
New York Law Journal
June 17,./font>

Lockheed v. Network
No. 97-56734
9th Circuit

Analysts Worried About VeriSign's Domain Biz
June 3,./font>

Avery Dennison v. Sumption
No. 98-55810
9th Circuit

Online 'Mousetrapping'�Leads to $1.9M�Fine
May 24,./font>

Lindows�Ruling�Knocks Microsoft�Back
By Tiffany Kary
May 16,./font>

Clothier Helps Fashion Own Defeat In Domain Dispute
By Steven Bonisteel
May 15,./font>

Cybersquatters Caught in Spider�Webs
By Robert B. Burlingame
The Recorder
May 9,./font>