Lawyers for File Sharer Take on the Music Industry
September 3,

Dastar Corp. v. 20th Century Fox Film Corp.
U.S. Supreme Court
No. 02-428
June 2,./font>

Potter Pirate Sorry for Mistakes
September 3,./font>

Satava v. Lowry
9th Circuit Court
No. 0216347p
March 20,./font>

High Court Hands Fox Copyright Defeat
By Tony Mauro
Legal Times
June 3,./font>

Ets-Hokin v. Skyy Spirits Inc.
9th Circuit Court
No. 0117411p
March 14,./font>

Judge Leaning Studios' Way in DMCA Fight
By Jason Hoppin
The Recorder
May 16,./font>

Eldred et al. v. Ashcroft
U.S. Supreme Court
No. 01-618
January 15,./font>

Microsoft Foe Returns to Take On Copyright Brouhaha
By Brenda Sandburg
The Recorder
May 8,./font>

Los Angeles News Service v. CBS Broadcasting, Inc.
Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals
No. 0056470p
September 16,./font>

The DMCA's Screen Test
By Jason Hoppin
The Recorder
April 25,./font>

Mattel, Inc. v. MCA Records, Inc.
No. 9856453p
July 24,./font>

TV Networks Get Attorney Fees in Copyright Suit
By Tom Perrotta
New York Law Journal
April 3,./font>

Tie Tech, Inc. v. Kinedyne Corporation
No. 0035815p
July 11,./font>

Hollywood Targets DVD Copycat
By Lisa M. Bowman
March 20,./font>

Metcalf v. Bochco
9th Circuit Court of Appeals
June 12,./font>

Broken Links and Broken Laws: Copyright Confusion Online
By Jeff Belle

Syntek Semiconductor v. MicrochipTechnology Inc.
9th Circuit Court of Appeals
No. 0017352p
April 8,./font>

Digital Rights Summit
By Jon Iverson
February 24,./font>

Kelly v. Arriba
No. 0055521
February 6,./font>

New Copyright Laws Will Cost You
By Declan McCullagh
February 24,./font>

Gardner v. Nike, Inc.
No. 0056404p
January 31,./font>

UNCC Aware of Digital Theft on Campus
By Josh Blacklaw
February 24,./font>

Foad v. Musil, Govan, Azzalino
No. 9856017p
October, 30,

California Man Gets 2 Years for Violating Digital Copyright Act
By Pham-Duy Nguyen
Bloomberg News
February 14,./font>

Murray Hill Publications v. ABC Communications
6th Circuit Court of Appeals
Decided August 30,./font>

Suits Test Limits of Digital Copyright Act
By Steve Seidenberg
The National Law Journal
February 7,./font>

Wrench�v.�Taco Bell Corp.
No. No. 98-00045
6th Circuit Court of Appeals
Decided July 6,./font>

Internet Providers Must Help Trace Online Pirates
By Ted Bridis
The Associated Press
January 22,./font>

New York Times Co., Inc. v. Tasini
No. 00201
Decided June 25,./font>

Supreme Court Upholds Extended Copyrights
By Gina Holland
The Associated Press
January 16,./font>

SUNTRUST Bank v. Houghton
No. 01-12200
11th Circuit
May 25,./font>

Copyright Pact Not Music to Some Ears
By Brenda Sandburg
The Recorder
January 15,

Lyons Partnership v. Morris Costumes
4th Circuit
No. 99-2255
March 16,./font>

Norwegian Teen Acquitted in DVD Film Cracking Case
By Doug Mellgren
The Associated Press
January 8,

Greenberg v. National Geographic
11th Circuit
No. 00-10510
March 22,./font>

Workers' Comp Handbook Use Spurs Copyright Suit
By Shannon P. Duffy
The Legal Intelligencer
December 27,./font>

Decided February 16,./font>
No. 99-5430

The Buck Stops Here
By Emily Lambert
December 19,./font>

A&M Records Inc. v. Napster
9th Circuit
No. 00 96401
February 12,./font>

Acquittal in 1st Criminal Copyright Trial
By Shannon Lafferty
The Recorder
December 18,./font>

Cook v. Robbins
9th Circuit
No. 98-36242
November 16,./font>

Movie Studios Sue Companies That Sanitize DVDs
By Gary Gentile
The Associated Press
December 17,./font>

Ets-Hokins v. Skyy
No. 98-17072
August 18,./font>

Nymex Suit Pushes Copyright Envelope
By Tamara Loomis
New York Law Journal
December 5,./font>

Napster Legal News
Copies of court documents and orders

Criminal Trial Opens in Copyright Fight
By Shannon Lafferty
The Recorder
December 4,./font>

Sony v. Bleem
July 10,./font>

Jury Awards $1.2M in Music Copyright Case
By Shannon P. Duffy
The Legal Intelligencer
November 27,./font>

Abkco Music v. Lavere
June 26,./font>

Showing Barbie Doll's Head on Sex Web Site May Be Fair Use
By John Woods
New York Law Journal
November 7,./font>

Three Boys Music v. Bolton
May 9,./font>

Digital Copyright Act Set to Undergo Its First Trial Run
By Shannon Lafferty
The Recorder
October 17,./font>

Self Realization v. Ananda Church
No. 97-17407
March 23,./font>

High Court Ponders Copyright Extension Battle
Tony Mauro
American Lawyer
October 10,./font>

Sony v. Connectix
No. 99-15852
February 10,./font>

U.S. Supreme Court to Hear Case Challenging Copyright Term Extension Act
By Gary Gentile
The Associated Press
October 8,./font>

Brown v. Ames
No. 98-20736
February 7,./font>

New Kazaa Could Ignite More Controversy
By James Maguire
September 23,./font>

Aalmuhammed v. Lee
No. 99-56691

Judge Throws Out 'Harry Potter' Copyright Suit
by Tom Perrotta
New York Law Journal
September 19,./font>

CDN v. Kapes
No. 98-55555
December 2,./font>

Court Revives Copyright Dispute Over Reginald Denny Beating Footage
by David Kravets
The Associated Press
September 17,./font>

Tasini v. New York Times Co.
No. 97-9181
September 24,./font>

Unregistered Copyrights Get Boost From Ruling
By Alexei Oreskovic
The Recorder
September 12,./font>

Samara Brothers, Inc. v. Wal-mart Stores
No. 97-7933(L)

Ghostwriter Seeks Copyright for 'Xena,' 'Hercules' TV Show Music
by Sarah Freeman
The Associated Press
September 3,./font>

Judge Newman's Dissent

Name Dropping
By Brenda Sandburg
The Recorder
July 17,./font>

Matthew Bender & Co. v. West Publishing
No. 97-7430
November 3,./font>