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This can be illustrated by a sample search for designs of farmyard scenes with
farm animals and a sunrise. First look in the alphabetical index for Farmyards --
there is no specific term, but the following potentially relevant terms are listed
with their codes:
Farm Equipment Agricultural implements (non-motorized)
14.07.02 Pitchforks
15.01.08Machines for agriculture
18.05 Vehicles for agriculture
14.07.06Water sprinklers...

From this listing it is obvious that unless you want specific types of farm
equipment in the scene, only the last two terms should be checked in the
systematic classification. When you turn first to 07.01.02 and then to 06.09.03
you have almost all of the information you need:

Note: Farmhouses in cultivated areas are coded in 07.01.02 and in
06.09.03 (Farm scenery). A farmhouse is not coded in 07.01.04
(Detached houses).
06.09.03 Farms
Note: Cultivated areas with a farmhouse or barn are in 06.09.03, not 06.09.05 (Other cultivated areas). The farmhouse is coded in 07.01.02 (Farmhouses); the barn in 07.03.04 (Barns, silos, stables).

Thus, 07.01.02 and 06.09.03 are definitely the best numbers to choose.
Additionally, the last
note above suggests that you would be wise to include

Farm animals are not listed as a group in the index -- only the specific animals
are listed such as:

Cows (03.07.01)
Pigs (03.07.09)
Chickens (03.15.03)

To avoid having to enter all of the terms to cover all types of farm animals, you
can use the code 03 to search all animals.

Next, look-up Sunrises in the index. Again, you find there is no matching term
here and you are referred to the division 01.05 for Sun. Here, the first listed
codes are relevant:
01.05.01Sun, rising or setting (partially exposed, partially obstructed by
the horizon).
01.05.02Sun with rays or halo.

Often, designs containing geometric shapes are the most difficult to search for
due to their complexity and relative subjectiveness. A multitude of codes that
represent geometric figures and solids can be found in Category 26.

If you were to run a search for a triangle design, you would need to refer to the
section covering triangles and carefully examine 34 very different and specific
headings to determine the most appropriate code(s) to be used.
26.05.01 Incomplete triangles
26.05.02 Triangles missing one entire edge
26.05.03Triangles missing two or more entire edges...

Depending upon the nature of the design, it may be difficult to determine the
specific type of triangle to search for, and may, therefore, be necessary to
resort to Level 2 (26.05) to cover all types of triangles. This may well result in
such a large number of images being retrieved that, certainly online, it would be
too costly to display, type or print so many records. If the need to run a
geometric design search arises, take a very cautious and well-planned
approach. If the geometric design is extremely complex, you may want to have
us run a search from the start.