USPTO Status Code Manual:

This manual is designed to provide a definition of the status code provided by the USPTO, which describes where a mark is located within the registration process.

For example, an application that is listed as Pending may have a status code of 730 FIRST EXTENSION GRANTED. This code indicates that The USPTO has granted the applicant's request for an extension of time in which to file a statement of use on an Intent to Use application.

Search Tips
  • Search for single terms as you expect them to appear, e.g. EXPIRED
  • Truncate by using the asterisk as a wildcard (*). For example, a search for CANCEL* will retrieve status codes containing the letterstring CANCEL as a Prefix, so statuses of CANCELLED, CANCELLATION and CANCEL will be retrieved.
*Note: Wildcards can be used as a Prefix (CANCEL*) , Midword (*PARTE*) or a Suffix (*FINAL)
  • Use boolean operators (AND,OR) to retrieve combinations of terms. For example, search BACKFILE and REGISTERED - to retrieve output containing BOTH terms searched.
  • Search the numeric tag for the status code, found in the full text record, to retrieve that exact status code.