U.S. Full Availability Search

A comprehensive search of your proposed trademark, providing the information needed to form opinions about marks that will be used or registered in the United States.

Product Uses

Use the U.S. Full Availability Search to:

  • Avoid infringement of existing trademarks.
  • Support trademark litigation by identifying marks that advance your client's position.
  • Assess the strength of a mark for acquisition or licensing purposes.
Product Details

Your choice of two report formats: By Source organizes citations by data source (USPTO, State, Common Law, Domain Name). By Group organizes citations into five groups, each group containing similar citations from multiple data sources.

Interactive Inbox Report: The Interactive Inbox Report is your online full search report. Quickly organize search results for use in e-mails or opinion letters, and take advantage of easy links to follow-up research, including D&B� business information, KPG In-Use Investigations and international trademark screening in more than 200 countries and registers with ISS Online.

Web Common Law: Web Common Law citations identify Web sites that contain terms identical or nearly identical to the mark searched and the specified goods and services.

In-Use Information: Shows how a potentially conflicting mark is being used in commerce or offered for sale on the Web. This information is provided for most data sources.

Madrid Protocol: The U.S. Full Availability Search includes identical and similar Madrid Protocol applications and registrations which have requested protection in the United States.

Coverage / Sources

The U.S. Full Availability Search is a comprehensive search of your proposed trademark.

• USPTO: We search active U.S. Patent and Trademark Office trademark applications and registrations filed with the USPTO since 1884, and expired, canceled or abandoned marks since. We update new applications and status changes daily, and provide enhanced Trademark Trial & Appeal Board detail.

• State: Our state trademark database includes records from all 50 U.S. states, plus Puerto Rico and Guam.

• Shepard's Citations: Shepard's Intellectual Property Law Citations are included as they pertain to trademarks involved in or cited in court decisions.

• Common Law Trademarks and Trade Names: We search for trademarks that may not be registered but may be protected under common law rights. Our extensive source list includes Gale, Dun & Bradstreet and American Business Information databases.

• Domain Names: Coverage includes the generic top-level domains .com, .edu, .gov, .info, .org, .net, .and .biz.

Product Benefits
  • Web Common Law and In-Use Information in your full search saves time spent conducting follow-up research.
  • The Interactive Inbox Report saves you time by making it easy to prepare documents for your clients.
  • Exclusive print and online report formats make it easy to locate and organize citations of interest.

The Thomson & Thomson Difference

Unmatched Quality:

  • Current and Comprehensive Coverage
  • Daily Updates of USPTO Data
  • Data verification and enhancements for industry-leading data accuracy
Unparalleled Service:

  • The industry's most experienced search analysts
  • Open late to fit your schedule
  • Tailored services to suit your needs
Continual Innovation:

  • Ongoing commitment to meet today's and tomorrow's research needs
  • Worldwide online trademark resources
  • Innovative new research solutions

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  • KPG In-Use Investigations: Determine whether and how a trademark cited in your full search is being used in the marketplace.
    • Post-Search Protection: Guard against new developments from the time of your full search to the time you file at the USPTO.

    This information is also available in Adobe� Acrobat� format:

    If you do not have the free Acrobat Reader, it is available here.