Entertainment Availability Search

The most comprehensive search available for the clearance of entertainment industry titles and trademarks. Combines the comprehensive title coverage of the U.S. Title Availability Search with the comprehensive trademark coverage of the U.S. Full Availability Search.

Product Uses

Use the Entertainment Availability Search to determine the availability of a feature film, television production, book or video game title and prepare your project for extensive product licensing or merchandising.

  • Clear your selected name for title and trademark use.
  • Satisfy Errors & Omissions insurance requirements.
  • Avoid infringement of registered trademarks
  • Pave the way for product licensing and merchandising.

Product Details

  • Extensive coverage of title and trademark sources, including Thomson & Thomson's proprietary database containing trademarks collected and updated from more than 300 trade publications, our private reference library of more than 100 publications detailing historical entertainment properties, and our proprietary Title and Entertainment database.
  • Enjoy the highest level of coverage available, from Thomson & Thomson's extensive entertainment, trademark and common law sources.

Coverage / Sources

Combines the comprehensive title clearance of the U.S. Title Availability Search with the comprehensive trademark clearance of the U.S. Full Availability Search.

Title Sources:

  • U.S. Copyright Office records (to present)
  • Library of Congress records
  • Thomson & Thomson's proprietary Title and Entertainment database
  • Online and CD-ROM databases
  • U.S. Federal (USPTO) and U.S. State trademarks in entertainment-related classes of goods and services
  • Domain names from all ICANN-accredited registrars with suffixes .com, .org, .edu, .gov, .biz, and .info
  • Thomson & Thomson's private reference library of more than 200 publications detailing historical entertainment properties.
Trademark Sources:
  • USPTO Trademark Records: Active federal trademark applications and registrations filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office since 1884, and expired, canceled or abandoned marks since.
  • U.S. State Trademark Records: Our database includes trademark applications and registrations from all 50 U.S. states, plus Puerto Rico and Guam.
  • SHEPARD'S Intellectual Property Law Citations: Legal citations pertaining to trademarks involved or cited in court decisions.
  • Common Law Trademarks and Tradenames: We search for trademarks that may not be registered, but may be protected under common law rights, including:
    • 2.8 million proprietary references
    • 23 million product and company names from Gale� databases
    • 27 million business names from the Dun & Bradstreet� and American Business Information� databases
  • Domain Names: Coverage includes the generic top-level domains .com, .net, .biz, .info, .org, .edu, .net and .gov.

The Thomson & Thomson Difference

Unmatched Quality
  • Current and Comprehensive Coverage
  • Daily Updates of USPTO Data
  • Data verification and enhancements for industry-leading data accuracy

Unparalleled Service
  • The industry's most experienced search analysts
  • Open late to fit your schedule
  • Tailored services to suit your needs

Continual Innovation
  • Ongoing commitment to meet today's and tomorrow's research needs
  • Worldwide online trademark resources
  • Innovative new research solutions

Product Benefits

  • Use to secure Errors and Omissions insurance.
  • Provides broad coverage, with title, trademark and merchandising components.
  • Avoid public confusion and promotional difficulty.
  • Identify litigation and business risks.

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